4C Org

4C's desk

4C’s organization operates under 4C out of the Arcade. They control the electricity and resources in the town, and have a hold over local organizations like the Soup Kitchen. Their primary goal is to obtain as many arc pellets and power cells as possible, so they can get the grid back up and be the new power company. 4C, however, is operating this seedy organization as a front to obtain arc for Sky Medix so they can get more research facilities running.

Members: Edit

4C - 4C is the leader of the organization. He controls transactions, resources and all of the electricity, and has various thugs and followers do his dirty work for him. Although 4C’s followers know that 4C reports to a higher power, they are unaware that he reports directly to Sky Medix.

Hashtag - Hashtag is 4C’s most loyal follower and employee, as well as his primary goods dealer. Hashtag runs a flea-market-on-wheels out of his van, and primarily trades in arc, which he gives to 4C.

Thugs (AJ and Greg) - The thugs are 4C’s primary muscle men.

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