The DR1 prototype drone is a highly advanced tricopter designed by David (the Drone Hunter) and developed by Sky Medix. It runs an extremely potent and efficient Type 2 arc pellet, allowing to run missions on one arc pellet for over ten years. It also has a backup power supply, allowing it to function for a short time should something happen to its arc pellet. The DR1 prototype drone is equipped with an EMP, advanced surveillance system, FLIR sensing camera, and a speaker that enables it to communicate with Morse Code. It is also capable of flying quietly at fast speeds with great maneuverability. Equipped with a moderate AI, the DR1 drone was meant to scout dangerous and lethal locations without the need for humans to do so. The durability and versatility of the DR1 model was of great interest to the military, who ordered a contract for 100,000 DR1s from Sky Medix. However, Mitchell Scott saw a greater purpose for the DR1 model and declined the contract. At least one DR1 model was completed and operational (which was sent to find Kitch). It is unknown whether any others exist or if Sky Medix plans to continue developing this model.

DR1 Prototype V1

DR1 Prototype Version 1.0

DR1 Prototype 2

DR1 Prototype Version 1.0 Back

DR1 Prototype Version 1

DR1 Prototype Version 1.0 Front

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