There are several drone hubs that exist in the Rotorverse. Most of the hubs are associated with Sky Medix, and are located near a source of arcanum. They are fully automated, capable of programming routes, replenishing depleted arc pellets and repairing damaged parts. These locations are also where the medical delivery drones pick up the boxes with the vaccine (which is mass produced in the same facility). Medical delivery drones are produced at these locations using fully automated 3D printing and assembly technology. They were built in remote locations for safety and security. When the outbreak got worse, Sky Medix added heavier security to the drone hubs, even relocating some of the hubs to abandoned missile silos to better hide and protect both the medical delivery drones.

The main computer monitors the health of the drone network and continues to run on their last given set of protocols to distribute the vaccine. Drones fly from the vaccine distribution center at the heart of the hub location to their delivery points repetitively until they require a new arc pellet or repairs. The main computer allocates resources and reroutes drones in an ongoing attempt to maintain coverage of the identified population areas. Though the hubs contain a constant small supply of arc pellets, Sky Medix realized that the survivors were hunting the drones for arc, and hid their large stores of arc pellets in an unknown facility. Large cargo drones now carry supplies of arc pellets to the various hub locations.

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