A former military member, Jax was on a military mission during the outbreak, and was consequently separated from his family. He travels town to town, searching for his daughter Hannah.

Background Edit

Jax was part of an elite military search and rescue squadron before the outbreak. His wife and eldest daughter died early in the outbreak, leaving his other daughter, Hannah, on her own during the chaos. Jax immediately left the army and returned to find the house destroyed and Hannah gone. Since then, Jax has been traveling town to town searching for Hannah. He arrives in Kitch’s town, questioning the patrons of the soup kitchen to see if anyone had seen Hannah.

Jax received a tip that Maya had information on her whereabouts, and headed to 4C’s Arcade to question Maya. When he arrived at 4C’s, Maya was gone. 4C, seeing an opportunity to get Kitch and Maya, sent Jax to find them and bring them back in exchange for information on Hannah’s whereabouts. Jax used his tracking skills to find Kitch and Maya in just a few hours, and immediately questioned Maya for information, threatening to take Kitch and Maya back to 4C if they didn’t give him the information he needed. Maya didn’t recognize Hannah, but Kitch did, and was about to tell Jax what he knew before Maya stopped him. Jax promised to let them go if they told him where Hannah was. Kitch obliged, and Jax left. He has not been seen since.

Personality Edit


Jax in the woods

Jax is all business, and is determined to find his daughter. He is resourceful, mentally and physically strong, and an excellent tracker.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Wife Edit

Jax’s wife died from the virus early in the outbreak.

Hannah Edit

Hannah is Jax’s younger daughter. Jax has been searching for her since they were separated during the outbreak.

Allie Edit

Allie is Jax's oldest daughter, who died from the virus early in the outbreak.

Allies Edit

Kitch Edit

Kitch gave Jax information on Hannah’s whereabouts.

Maya Edit

Jax was tipped that Maya had seen his daughter, but Maya didn’t recognize her.

Enemies Edit

4C Edit

After failing to return Kitch and Maya to 4C, Jax fell out of 4C’s graces.

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