Rotor DR1
Rotor DR1 Logo
Rotor DR1 Logo
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First Sci-Fi, Drama, Community Collaborative
Second Chad Kapper
Third StoneKap
Other attributes
Fourth Books
Fifth December 30, 2014 - Ongoing

Rotor DR1 is an ongoing comic book based on the web series of the same name. Much like the web series and film, the comic book incorporated ongoing interaction and feedback from the community, a style identified as Community Collaborated New Media Entertainment by the StoneKap.

Rotor DR1 follows the adventures of a young boy named Kitch as he searches for his dad, with the help of his robotic AI drone DR1, and a young girl named Maya, as he sets out to search for his father.

Plot Edit

Stuff happens, hilarity ensues.

Production Edit

It's a comic book, it was drawn.

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