Rotor DR1
Rotor DR1 Logo
Rotor DR1 Logo
Some attributes
First Sci-Fi, Drama, Community Collaborative
Second Chad Kapper
Third StoneKap
Other attributes
Fourth YouTube
Fifth September 30, 2014 - December 22, 2014

Rotor DR1 is a web series released in approximately 10 minute segments that allowed ongoing community feedback to shape the plot, characters, and world. Rotor DR1 was later adapted into a film and a comic book. This film style is identified as Community Collaborated New Media Entertainment by the film's creator, StoneKap.

Rotor DR1 follows the adventures of a young boy named Kitch as he searches for his dad, with the help of his robotic AI drone DR1, and a young girl named Maya, as he sets out to search for his father.

Plot Edit

Stuff happens, hilarity ensues.

Production Edit

It's a web series.

Music Edit

Is great

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