Slang Edit

Fringer Edit

There is little known about their social hierarchy. Living on the outskirts of whats left of society they are looked upon as a kind of pariah. Fringers are scavengers that usually keep to themselves, but are known to steal unwatched possessions. Having reverted to a more primal nature, they typically avoid contact with others, but under certain circumstances can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

Jargon Edit

Arcanum/Arc Pellets Edit

(Main Article: Arcanum)

Drone Edit

In Rotor DR1, drones specifically refers to the autonomous multirotor copters and fixed wing aircraft that serve a variety of functions, including (but not limited to) delivering medical supplies, rushing blood samples, and doing weather surveys. The show costars a particular drone named DR1, whom Maya refers to as "Doctor One".

Standard Converter Edit


Refers to the device used to convert power from an Arc cell (OPC) into standard household power.

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