AJ and Greg

AJ and Greg are 4C’s muscle men. They run around harassing fringers and doing 4C’s dirty work.

Background Edit

AJ and Greg have known each other since high school. Before the outbreak, they were both in the same social circles and shared a tendency for bullying. Both fairly athletic, when the outbreak got bad, they teamed up and latched on to the most powerful crime boss in town, 4C. After they joined 4C’s organization, their primary function was to rob innocent fringers of their possessions and arc pellets. Partners under 4C’s organization, AJ and Greg are inseparable, with AJ being the brains of the operation and Greg being the muscle. After Maya ran off with Kitch, 4C tasked AJ and Greg with finding them and bringing them back. AJ and Greg succeeded in finding Kitch and Maya, only to be manipulated by Maya and attacked by the crowd after they collected the winning bet at the drone races. Greg survived the attack, though was badly beaten, and returned to 4C’s. It is not known what happened to AJ.

Personalities Edit

AJ  and Greg are stereotypical thug-types, a lot of brawn and not a lot of brains. AJ has some street sense and generally operates as the smart one of the duo. Greg is the muscle of the operation. They’re both humorless, and too unaware to realize when they’re being manipulated.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

4C Edit

4C is AJ and Greg’s boss. They both have great respect for 4C, but 4C just sees them as tools and doesn’t care about them at all.

Hashtag Edit

Hashtag is AJ and Greg’s coworker. They consider Hashtag beneath them and only talk to him if they are in need of supplies.

Enemies Edit

Kitch Edit

AJ and Greg are sent after Kitch. They believe he stole 4C’s drone and kidnapped Maya, leading to various threats against Kitch. AJ and Greg force Kitch to enter DR1 in the drone races, threatening both his life and DR1’s life to convince him to comply. Kitch does, and wins, only to escape when the crowd turns on the thugs.

Maya Edit

Maya is technically AJ and Greg’s coworker. They don’t consider Maya capable of doing any real work, and consequently treat her as 4C’s little princess. Maya resents how they treat her, and ends up manipulating them. She convinces them to enter DR1 in the drone races to win a ton of arc. After Kitch wins the race, the thugs collected their winnings while Maya gets the crowd to turn against AJ and Greg. Maya tells the spectators that the thugs kidnapped them, forced them to race and won all the arc, resulting in the crowd attacking AJ and Greg, and allowing Kitch and Maya to escape.

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